Our purpose is to serve the communication needs of the Milford, Bushkill and surrounding areas.  We’re interested in the people, the politics, as well as all the fun things to do in and around our neighborhood. We are especially interested in the homeowner associations as approximately 90% of us live in planned communities. 




Send articles, suggestions for Tech Talk, pictures and Letters to the Editor by the 25th of the month prior to publication to bushkillsentinel@gmail.com.  Opinions expressed and information in Articles, Letters to the Editor and advertising do not necessarily represent the views of the publication and the editorial staff.  We reserve the right to deny publication of any article or Letter to the Editor, and will gladly publish articles or letters as anonymous, upon request.



They sometimes happen!  Like the calendar of events, sometimes things change and we aren't notified.  If you notice any error including broken links, send an email to bushkillsentinel@gmail.com to advise us.

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